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IrDA Modul
Send & receive infrared (connection PDA/Mobile phone to PC)
2002 9.00 €

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At present unfortunately this article is not deliverable!
The IrDA module of the Modding section as complete solder kit !
With a suitable software one can exchange data with a mobile phone, between PCs or with a PDA.
IrDA connector on the Motherboard is necessarily !

Following electronic components are contained in the set:
1x Vishay TFDS 4500 IrDA module
1x 15 ohms resistor
1x 47 ohms resistor
1x 6 pole socket strip
1x 6 pole shielded data cable (approx. 150 cm)
1x 13x23 mm breadboard
1x 3 cm heat shrink tube (small)
1x 3 cm heat shrink tube (large)
Here's a solder guide for the IrDA kit ...

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