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LCD blue/white special set v2.0
LCD b/w, USB power connector and USB Ultra IR Receiver v2.0
2038 45.00 €

plus shipping
The new LCD blue/white special set v2.0 is composed of the following 3 DIY kits:

  • LCD Display 20x4 blue/white (article 2006)
  • USB power connector (article 2007)
  • USB Ultra IR-Receiver v2.0 (article 2036)

    This Set can be for example optimal used to build a HTPC (Home Theater PC)
    or the J-Box II (modding section) or to upgrade a conventional PC.

    Following components are contained in the set:
    Display 20x4 character
    inverted with white characters on blue background
    16 pole shielded data cable (approx. 150 cm)
    100 ohms variable resistor
    10 K variable resistor
    4 pole PC power connector plug
    25 pole SUB-D plug with metalized enclosure
    Transparent heat shrink tube approx. 40 mm wide for the
    lagging of the contrast and brightness controller PCB
    Black heat shrink tube approx. 3.2 mm in diameter
    approx. 30x20mm breadboard
    Displayframe: 98 x 40 mm
    Display PCB: 98 x 60 mm

    1x USB A-plug with approx. 1 meter cable
    1x 4-pole 5.25 inch power connector plug

    1x TSOP 31238 IR receiver module 38kHz
    1x Atmel ATtiny45-20PU - already programmed!
    1x Atmel ATtiny13V-10PU - already programmed!
    2x 8-pole IC-Socket
    1x Optoelectronic coupler CNY17-2
    1x 12MHz crystal
    2x zener diodes 3.6V
    1x red low current LED
    1x green low current LED
    1x 4.7µF capacitor
    1x 100nF capacitor
    2x 22pF capacitor
    3x 1,5 K resistor
    2x 68 ohms resistor
    1x 390 ohms resistor
    1x 2-pole pin row
    1x Jumper with flag for simple remove and put on
    1x USB A-plug with approx. 1 meter long cable
    1x 2 pole approx. 1.5 meters long cable
    1x approx. 68x32mm breadboard
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